Admission and Withdrawal

  1. We have two sections in the school, St. Thomas Kindergarten and St. Thomas Convent School.
  2. St. Thomas Kindergarten comprises of three classes, Nursery, LKG and UKG.
  3. Normally a child is admitted in nursery class at the age of three and a half years.
  4. After the completion of an academic year in nursery a child is promoted to LKG and UKG in the consecutive years.
  5. A child who passes out from UKG can seek admission in class one. A child who completes six years of age in April is also eligible to apply for admission in class one.
  6. Admissions to higher classes are given on the basis of the availability of seats after an interview. Transfer Certificate (TC) from the former school is to be produced at the time of admission.
  7. Admission forms of the children should be filled up carefully by the parents only
  8. Parents must take great care to fill in the correct date of birth as this will in no case be altered later.
  9. A written application of the parent/ guardian is required before withdrawing a student from the school. T.C will be issued after the student having cleared all the dues.
  10. Every student is expected to attend the school on the opening day as well as on the closing day of the holidays as absence on these days by the very fact deletes the name of the child from the current school register.
  11. If for genuine reasons any student wants to take leave it has to be informed in writing to the Principal.


    Direct admissions to class X and XII are not permitted.
  1. As per the regulations of the council, eligibility for appearing for the board examinations, candidates require 75% attendance of the total working days in an academic year for Classes IX-XII.
  2. Admissions to Class XI are finalized only after the publication of class X (ICSE) results.
  3. The admission fee and caution fee must be paid in advance to complete the admission formalities.
  4. Any subject with less than 20 students is likely to be cancelled
  5. Admission is offered on Merit only.
  6. Choice of subjects offered:
    1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer/ Hindi.
    2. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer/ Hindi.
      * English is compulsory for all.
  7. In view of providing more working days for the students of class XII, their classes will commence from the month of April.
  8. For promotion from class XI to XII 45% marks is necessary in each subject.
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