Code of Conduct

A successful graduate from the school is:

  1. Intellectually Competent:
    One who has mastered in the academic subjects required for the respective public examinations, skills of the language, critical thinking, power of expression precision, and curiosity to explore e tc.
  2. Morally Sound:
    Developing moral values and principles as one grows towards maturity, assimilating especially the values stressed in the preamble of the constitution of India – Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.
  3. Spiritually Oriented:
    This is an awareness of God's presence and action in creation, in human history and in one’s own personal history. This is an experience of God's love in one’s personal life, an appropriate knowledge of the basic doctrines of one’s faith, exposure to the religious traditions and understanding the significance of the main religious festivals in the country.
  4. Christian Students in Particular:
    One who has read the Holy Bible and encountered the person of Christ as he is presented in the New Testament. He should have the basic understanding of the Church's teachings about Jesus and his redeeming mission, and has to have a personal relationship with the historical person of Christ and formed oneself a person for the other and has some familiarity with Church's teachings of social justice.
  5. Loving:
    One who is learning to accept oneself with strengths and weaknesses. One must feel at ease with persons of opposite sex, and also to appreciate personal friendship, but at the same time he must learn that all the relationships are not profound and long lasting.
  6. Committed to Doing Justice:
    One who seeks to be more respectful, understanding, accepting and generous with others- against the attitude and tendencies that leads to injustice, seeks that religious faith implies a commitment for a just society. He is suppose to see the needs of the poor in the school and the outside community and has developed compassion for them. One must be aware of the need to help and support those who suffer injustice like women, the poor, the bonded labourers, the handicapped, the refugees, the unemployed and begins to understand the structural roots of injustice in social institutions, attitudes and customs. Above all one should be aware of the merits and demerits of mass media T.V, mobile phones, internet, etc.
  7. Open to Growth:
    One who is willing to pursue one's own growth because one wants to be a better person emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, morally and spiritually, is beginning to take responsibility for one’s growth and is learning to accept oneself with one’s talents and limitations. One has to be more flexible and open to other points of view and should be always ready to inculcate moral values in one’s personal life.

The school insists on the following traditions:

  1. Always be friendly with one another in and out of school and avoid vulgarity in one’s talk and behaviour.
  2. Accept whatever work is assigned to one’s rightful share.
  3. Offer help to any unattended visitor one happens to meet at the school premises.
  4. Show respect when any teacher or visitor enters any room passes through.
  5. courteous with sports spirit with opposing teams and with officials.
  6. Respect the beauty of the school premises and report any damage which is observed.
  7. Keep the school premises neat and tidy to save the environment.
  8. Learn and observe good manners.
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